NPDES Training Institute

Level 1A Fundamentals (Blue Card) Course Description

The Level IA Fundamentals Seminar offered by the NPDESTraining Institute is aGSWCC Blue Card Certification one day course designed to train contractors, builders, developers, site superintendents, grading and utility contractors, and monitoring consultants in the proper installation, maintenance, and inspection of best management practices (BMPs) on construction sites.

Topics covered in this course are fundamentals of erosion and sediment control, the Georgia Erosion & Sedimentation Act,NPDES Permits, field maintenance, stream buffers, vegetative and structural best management practices.

Requirements for Level IA Certification
"Certified Personnel"

  • You must register for and attend the Level 1A Fundamentals Seminar
  • Take and receive a passing score of 70% on the Level IA certification exam.
  • You must submit the appropriate certification application - (completed in class)

  • Click here to view the course book.

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