NPDES Training Institute

Level 1B Advanced Fundamentals - GSWCC Red Card Certification

The Level IB Advanced Fundamentals Seminar is a two day course designed to train regulGSWCC Red Card Certificationatory enforcement inspectors and non-regulatory personnel contracted by local issuing authorities to perform regulatory inspections contracted to do regulatory work to accurately inspect land disturbance areas for compliance with state erosion and sedimentation laws. The course will cover several topics such as the role of the inspector, ES&PC planning and review, and local program overview criteria.

Requirements for Level IB Certification

"Certified Inspector"

  • Must have completed 60 days of work experience in the field of erosion and sediment control.
  • In lieu of 60 days work experience, you may obtain a Level 1A Fundamentals Certification.
  • You must register for the Level 1B Advanced Fundamentals Seminar.
  • Pass the test with a 70% or better
  • Apply for Appropiate Certification (completed in class)

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