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Erosion and Sediment Modeling of the Lake Sidney Lanier water shed
NPDES Permit for construction compliance guidance
Georgia Minor Land Disturbance Guidance
Concrete Washout - USEPA Guidance
US EPA Polymer Flocculant Handout
2016 Field Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control
Revised Enforcement Protocol for the Notice of Intent/Notice of Termination
Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control in Georgia, 2016 Edition (Green Book)
2013 NPDES Fact Sheet
2013 Tertiary Permittees
Fact Sheet Addendum
GAR100001 - Stand Alone General Permit
GAR100002 - Infrastructure General Permit
GAR100003 - Common Development Permit
GA Permittee Requirement
EPD Response to Comments
Construction Inspection Forms
Clean Water Act
Safe Drinking Water Act
EPA Sediment Pollution Report
NPDES in Georgia
GA Stormwater Management Manual
Coastal Supplement
Streambank Stabilization
Pond Guide
BMP's - National Menu
2009 Model Ordinance
LDA Enforcement Requirements
Alternative BMP Guidance
Concrete Washout BMP
Certification Fact Sheet
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