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Level II Introduction to Design Course Description - GSWCC Tan or Gray Card Certification

Level II Introduction to Design is a two day course for both Design Professionals and Plan Reviewers.
Topics included in this course are the Georgia Erosion and Sediment Control Act (GESA), NPDES General Permit requirements, design and review of Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control Plans, stormwater management, state waters, vegetative and structural BMPs. Level II Introduction to Design GSWCC Tan and Gray Card Certification

Eligibility Requirements for Design Professionals - Tan Card

  • Proof of professional Georgia licensure in the fields of engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, forestry, geology, land surveying or CPESC.

Eligibility Requirements for Plan Reviewers - Gray Card

  • Have at least 6 months work experience in the field of erosion and sediment control. In lieu of 6 months of work experience, an individual may obtain Level IB certification
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